Diabetic Ulcers

With a diabetic foot, a wound as small as a blister from wearing a shoe that's too tight can cause a lot of damage. Diabetes decreases blood flow, so injuries are slow to heal.

Because diabetic ulcers are the most common foot injury that leads to lower extremity amputation, it is very important that you schedule regular visits with specialists such as the doctors at the Foot and Ankle Specialty Clinic.

With routine visits, patients will learn the best practices for foot hygiene, nail care, and the benefits of finding the proper footwear. All of these factors can help reduce your risk of creating diabetic ulcers that can become painful and lead to amputation. 

Diabetic Shoe Program (Medicare)
The program was designed for people with diabetes to be fitted with shoes and inserts to not only help provide proper fitting shoes, but also to help alleviate pressure areas in shoes that sometimes can lead to corns, calluses or open sores.

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